Project-X: Total Possible Hmong Words
Project #: 0027361ASD
Project Start Date: September 8, 2007
Project End Date: September 8, 2007
Author(s): Koua Lo

Purpose: the purpose for this project is to simply find all of the possible Hmong words programmatically. This program utilizes the rules set forth in the White Hmong RPA writing system to generate the list below each time you view or visit this page. The list below does not take into account any words found within the "Green Hmong" dialect. Because the list below can also contain "theoretical" words, about 1/3 (or more) of the words below are probably not in use today. The list below is strictly for research purposes only.

You are free to use the list below for whatever reason(s). The only thing we ask is that you credit or give references to us.

Total Possible Hmong Words: 5388

[ A: 27 words ]
a ab ad ag ai aib aid aig
aij aim ais aiv aiws aj am as
au aub aud aug auj aum aus auv
auws av aws

[ C: 192 words ]
ca cab cad cag cai caib caid caig
caij caim cais caiv caj cam cas cau
caub caud caug cauj caum caus cauv cav
ce ceb ced cee ceeb ceed ceeg ceej
ceem cees ceev ceg cej cem ces cev
cha chab chad chag chai chaib chaid chaig
chaij chaim chais chaiv chaj cham chas chau
chaub chaud chaug chauj chaum chaus chauv chav
che cheb ched chee cheeb cheed cheeg cheej
cheem chees cheev cheg chej chem ches chev
chi chia chiab chiad chiag chiaj chiam chias
chiav chib chid chig chij chim chis chiv
cho chob chod chog choj chom choo choob
chood choog chooj choom choos choov chos chov
chu chua chuab chuad chuag chuaj chuam chuas
chuav chub chud chug chuj chum chus chuv
chw chwb chwd chwg chwj chwm chws chwv
ci cia ciab ciad ciag ciaj ciam cias
ciav cib cid cig cij cim cis civ
co cob cod cog coj com coo coob
cood coog cooj coom coos coov cos cov
cu cua cuab cuad cuag cuaj cuam cuas
cuav cub cud cug cuj cum cus cuv
cw cwb cwd cwg cwj cwm cws cwv

[ D: 192 words ]
da dab dad dag dai daib daid daig
daij daim dais daiv daj dam das dau
daub daud daug dauj daum daus dauv dav
de deb ded dee deeb deed deeg deej
deem dees deev deg dej dem des dev
dha dhab dhad dhag dhai dhaib dhaid dhaig
dhaij dhaim dhais dhaiv dhaj dham dhas dhau
dhaub dhaud dhaug dhauj dhaum dhaus dhauv dhav
dhe dheb dhed dhee dheeb dheed dheeg dheej
dheem dhees dheev dheg dhej dhem dhes dhev
dhi dhia dhiab dhiad dhiag dhiaj dhiam dhias
dhiav dhib dhid dhig dhij dhim dhis dhiv
dho dhob dhod dhog dhoj dhom dhoo dhoob
dhood dhoog dhooj dhoom dhoos dhoov dhos dhov
dhu dhua dhuab dhuad dhuag dhuaj dhuam dhuas
dhuav dhub dhud dhug dhuj dhum dhus dhuv
dhw dhwb dhwd dhwg dhwj dhwm dhws dhwv
di dia diab diad diag diaj diam dias
diav dib did dig dij dim dis div
do dob dod dog doj dom doo doob
dood doog dooj doom doos doov dos dov
du dua duab duad duag duaj duam duas
duav dub dud dug duj dum dus duv
dw dwb dwd dwg dwj dwm dws dwv

[ E: 18 words ]
e eb ed ee eeb eed eeg eej
eem ees eev eews eg ej em es
ev ews

[ F: 96 words ]
fa fab fad fag fai faib faid faig
faij faim fais faiv faj fam fas fau
faub faud faug fauj faum faus fauv fav
fe feb fed fee feeb feed feeg feej
feem fees feev feg fej fem fes fev
fi fia fiab fiad fiag fiaj fiam fias
fiav fib fid fig fij fim fis fiv
fo fob fod fog foj fom foo foob
food foog fooj foom foos foov fos fov
fu fua fuab fuad fuag fuaj fuam fuas
fuav fub fud fug fuj fum fus fuv
fw fwb fwd fwg fwj fwm fws fwv

[ H: 480 words ]
ha hab had hag hai haib haid haig
haij haim hais haiv haj ham has hau
haub haud haug hauj haum haus hauv hav
he heb hed hee heeb heed heeg heej
heem hees heev heg hej hem hes hev
hi hia hiab hiad hiag hiaj hiam hias
hiav hib hid hig hij him his hiv
hla hlab hlad hlag hlai hlaib hlaid hlaig
hlaij hlaim hlais hlaiv hlaj hlam hlas hlau
hlaub hlaud hlaug hlauj hlaum hlaus hlauv hlav
hle hleb hled hlee hleeb hleed hleeg hleej
hleem hlees hleev hleg hlej hlem hles hlev
hli hlia hliab hliad hliag hliaj hliam hlias
hliav hlib hlid hlig hlij hlim hlis hliv
hlo hlob hlod hlog hloj hlom hloo hloob
hlood hloog hlooj hloom hloos hloov hlos hlov
hlu hlua hluab hluad hluag hluaj hluam hluas
hluav hlub hlud hlug hluj hlum hlus hluv
hlw hlwb hlwd hlwg hlwj hlwm hlws hlwv
hma hmab hmad hmag hmai hmaib hmaid hmaig
hmaij hmaim hmais hmaiv hmaj hmam hmas hmau
hmaub hmaud hmaug hmauj hmaum hmaus hmauv hmav
hme hmeb hmed hmee hmeeb hmeed hmeeg hmeej
hmeem hmees hmeev hmeg hmej hmem hmes hmev
hmi hmia hmiab hmiad hmiag hmiaj hmiam hmias
hmiav hmib hmid hmig hmij hmim hmis hmiv
hmo hmob hmod hmog hmoj hmom hmoo hmoob
hmood hmoog hmooj hmoom hmoos hmoov hmos hmov
hmu hmua hmuab hmuad hmuag hmuaj hmuam hmuas
hmuav hmub hmud hmug hmuj hmum hmus hmuv
hmw hmwb hmwd hmwg hmwj hmwm hmws hmwv
hna hnab hnad hnag hnai hnaib hnaid hnaig
hnaij hnaim hnais hnaiv hnaj hnam hnas hnau
hnaub hnaud hnaug hnauj hnaum hnaus hnauv hnav
hne hneb hned hnee hneeb hneed hneeg hneej
hneem hnees hneev hneg hnej hnem hnes hnev
hni hnia hniab hniad hniag hniaj hniam hnias
hniav hnib hnid hnig hnij hnim hnis hniv
hno hnob hnod hnog hnoj hnom hnoo hnoob
hnood hnoog hnooj hnoom hnoos hnoov hnos hnov
hnu hnua hnuab hnuad hnuag hnuaj hnuam hnuas
hnuav hnub hnud hnug hnuj hnum hnus hnuv
hnw hnwb hnwd hnwg hnwj hnwm hnws hnwv
hnya hnyab hnyad hnyag hnyai hnyaib hnyaid hnyaig
hnyaij hnyaim hnyais hnyaiv hnyaj hnyam hnyas hnyau
hnyaub hnyaud hnyaug hnyauj hnyaum hnyaus hnyauv hnyav
hnye hnyeb hnyed hnyee hnyeeb hnyeed hnyeeg hnyeej
hnyeem hnyees hnyeev hnyeg hnyej hnyem hnyes hnyev
hnyi hnyia hnyiab hnyiad hnyiag hnyiaj hnyiam hnyias
hnyiav hnyib hnyid hnyig hnyij hnyim hnyis hnyiv
hnyo hnyob hnyod hnyog hnyoj hnyom hnyoo hnyoob
hnyood hnyoog hnyooj hnyoom hnyoos hnyoov hnyos hnyov
hnyu hnyua hnyuab hnyuad hnyuag hnyuaj hnyuam hnyuas
hnyuav hnyub hnyud hnyug hnyuj hnyum hnyus hnyuv
hnyw hnywb hnywd hnywg hnywj hnywm hnyws hnywv
ho hob hod hog hoj hom hoo hoob
hood hoog hooj hoom hoos hoov hos hov
hu hua huab huad huag huaj huam huas
huav hub hud hug huj hum hus huv
hw hwb hwd hwg hwj hwm hws hwv

[ I: 18 words ]
i ia iab iad iag iaj iam ias
iav iaws ib id ig ij im is
iv iws

[ K: 192 words ]
ka kab kad kag kai kaib kaid kaig
kaij kaim kais kaiv kaj kam kas kau
kaub kaud kaug kauj kaum kaus kauv kav
ke keb ked kee keeb keed keeg keej
keem kees keev keg kej kem kes kev
kha khab khad khag khai khaib khaid khaig
khaij khaim khais khaiv khaj kham khas khau
khaub khaud khaug khauj khaum khaus khauv khav
khe kheb khed khee kheeb kheed kheeg kheej
kheem khees kheev kheg khej khem khes khev
khi khia khiab khiad khiag khiaj khiam khias
khiav khib khid khig khij khim khis khiv
kho khob khod khog khoj khom khoo khoob
khood khoog khooj khoom khoos khoov khos khov
khu khua khuab khuad khuag khuaj khuam khuas
khuav khub khud khug khuj khum khus khuv
khw khwb khwd khwg khwj khwm khws khwv
ki kia kiab kiad kiag kiaj kiam kias
kiav kib kid kig kij kim kis kiv
ko kob kod kog koj kom koo koob
kood koog kooj koom koos koov kos kov
ku kua kuab kuad kuag kuaj kuam kuas
kuav kub kud kug kuj kum kus kuv
kw kwb kwd kwg kwj kwm kws kwv

[ L: 96 words ]
la lab lad lag lai laib laid laig
laij laim lais laiv laj lam las lau
laub laud laug lauj laum laus lauv lav
le leb led lee leeb leed leeg leej
leem lees leev leg lej lem les lev
li lia liab liad liag liaj liam lias
liav lib lid lig lij lim lis liv
lo lob lod log loj lom loo loob
lood loog looj loom loos loov los lov
lu lua luab luad luag luaj luam luas
luav lub lud lug luj lum lus luv
lw lwb lwd lwg lwj lwm lws lwv

[ M: 192 words ]
ma mab mad mag mai maib maid maig
maij maim mais maiv maj mam mas mau
maub maud maug mauj maum maus mauv mav
me meb med mee meeb meed meeg meej
meem mees meev meg mej mem mes mev
mi mia miab miad miag miaj miam mias
miav mib mid mig mij mim mis miv
mla mlab mlad mlag mlai mlaib mlaid mlaig
mlaij mlaim mlais mlaiv mlaj mlam mlas mlau
mlaub mlaud mlaug mlauj mlaum mlaus mlauv mlav
mle mleb mled mlee mleeb mleed mleeg mleej
mleem mlees mleev mleg mlej mlem mles mlev
mli mlia mliab mliad mliag mliaj mliam mlias
mliav mlib mlid mlig mlij mlim mlis mliv
mlo mlob mlod mlog mloj mlom mloo mloob
mlood mloog mlooj mloom mloos mloov mlos mlov
mlu mlua mluab mluad mluag mluaj mluam mluas
mluav mlub mlud mlug mluj mlum mlus mluv
mlw mlwb mlwd mlwg mlwj mlwm mlws mlwv
mo mob mod mog moj mom moo moob
mood moog mooj moom moos moov mos mov
mu mua muab muad muag muaj muam muas
muav mub mud mug muj mum mus muv
mw mwb mwd mwg mwj mwm mws mwv

[ N: 1824 words ]
na nab nad nag nai naib naid naig
naij naim nais naiv naj nam nas nau
naub naud naug nauj naum naus nauv nav
nca ncab ncad ncag ncai ncaib ncaid ncaig
ncaij ncaim ncais ncaiv ncaj ncam ncas ncau
ncaub ncaud ncaug ncauj ncaum ncaus ncauv ncav
nce nceb nced ncee nceeb nceed nceeg nceej
nceem ncees nceev nceg ncej ncem nces ncev
ncha nchab nchad nchag nchai nchaib nchaid nchaig
nchaij nchaim nchais nchaiv nchaj ncham nchas nchau
nchaub nchaud nchaug nchauj nchaum nchaus nchauv nchav
nche ncheb nched nchee ncheeb ncheed ncheeg ncheej
ncheem nchees ncheev ncheg nchej nchem nches nchev
nchi nchia nchiab nchiad nchiag nchiaj nchiam nchias
nchiav nchib nchid nchig nchij nchim nchis nchiv
ncho nchob nchod nchog nchoj nchom nchoo nchoob
nchood nchoog nchooj nchoom nchoos nchoov nchos nchov
nchu nchua nchuab nchuad nchuag nchuaj nchuam nchuas
nchuav nchub nchud nchug nchuj nchum nchus nchuv
nchw nchwb nchwd nchwg nchwj nchwm nchws nchwv
nci ncia nciab nciad nciag nciaj nciam ncias
nciav ncib ncid ncig ncij ncim ncis nciv
nco ncob ncod ncog ncoj ncom ncoo ncoob
ncood ncoog ncooj ncoom ncoos ncoov ncos ncov
ncu ncua ncuab ncuad ncuag ncuaj ncuam ncuas
ncuav ncub ncud ncug ncuj ncum ncus ncuv
ncw ncwb ncwd ncwg ncwj ncwm ncws ncwv
ne neb ned nee neeb need neeg neej
neem nees neev neg nej nem nes nev
ni nia niab niad niag niaj niam nias
niav nib nid nig nij nim nis niv
nka nkab nkad nkag nkai nkaib nkaid nkaig
nkaij nkaim nkais nkaiv nkaj nkam nkas nkau
nkaub nkaud nkaug nkauj nkaum nkaus nkauv nkav
nke nkeb nked nkee nkeeb nkeed nkeeg nkeej
nkeem nkees nkeev nkeg nkej nkem nkes nkev
nkha nkhab nkhad nkhag nkhai nkhaib nkhaid nkhaig
nkhaij nkhaim nkhais nkhaiv nkhaj nkham nkhas nkhau
nkhaub nkhaud nkhaug nkhauj nkhaum nkhaus nkhauv nkhav
nkhe nkheb nkhed nkhee nkheeb nkheed nkheeg nkheej
nkheem nkhees nkheev nkheg nkhej nkhem nkhes nkhev
nkhi nkhia nkhiab nkhiad nkhiag nkhiaj nkhiam nkhias
nkhiav nkhib nkhid nkhig nkhij nkhim nkhis nkhiv
nkho nkhob nkhod nkhog nkhoj nkhom nkhoo nkhoob
nkhood nkhoog nkhooj nkhoom nkhoos nkhoov nkhos nkhov
nkhu nkhua nkhuab nkhuad nkhuag nkhuaj nkhuam nkhuas
nkhuav nkhub nkhud nkhug nkhuj nkhum nkhus nkhuv
nkhw nkhwb nkhwd nkhwg nkhwj nkhwm nkhws nkhwv
nki nkia nkiab nkiad nkiag nkiaj nkiam nkias
nkiav nkib nkid nkig nkij nkim nkis nkiv
nko nkob nkod nkog nkoj nkom nkoo nkoob
nkood nkoog nkooj nkoom nkoos nkoov nkos nkov
nku nkua nkuab nkuad nkuag nkuaj nkuam nkuas
nkuav nkub nkud nkug nkuj nkum nkus nkuv
nkw nkwb nkwd nkwg nkwj nkwm nkws nkwv
no nob nod nog noj nom noo noob
nood noog nooj noom noos noov nos nov
npa npab npad npag npai npaib npaid npaig
npaij npaim npais npaiv npaj npam npas npau
npaub npaud npaug npauj npaum npaus npauv npav
npe npeb nped npee npeeb npeed npeeg npeej
npeem npees npeev npeg npej npem npes npev
npha nphab nphad nphag nphai nphaib nphaid nphaig
nphaij nphaim nphais nphaiv nphaj npham nphas nphau
nphaub nphaud nphaug nphauj nphaum nphaus nphauv nphav
nphe npheb nphed nphee npheeb npheed npheeg npheej
npheem nphees npheev npheg nphej nphem nphes nphev
nphi nphia nphiab nphiad nphiag nphiaj nphiam nphias
nphiav nphib nphid nphig nphij nphim nphis nphiv
npho nphob nphod nphog nphoj nphom nphoo nphoob
nphood nphoog nphooj nphoom nphoos nphoov nphos nphov
nphu nphua nphuab nphuad nphuag nphuaj nphuam nphuas
nphuav nphub nphud nphug nphuj nphum nphus nphuv
nphw nphwb nphwd nphwg nphwj nphwm nphws nphwv
npi npia npiab npiad npiag npiaj npiam npias
npiav npib npid npig npij npim npis npiv
npla nplab nplad nplag nplai nplaib nplaid nplaig
nplaij nplaim nplais nplaiv nplaj nplam nplas nplau
nplaub nplaud nplaug nplauj nplaum nplaus nplauv nplav
nple npleb npled nplee npleeb npleed npleeg npleej
npleem nplees npleev npleg nplej nplem nples nplev
npli nplia npliab npliad npliag npliaj npliam nplias
npliav nplib nplid nplig nplij nplim nplis npliv
nplo nplob nplod nplog nploj nplom nploo nploob
nplood nploog nplooj nploom nploos nploov nplos nplov
nplu nplua npluab npluad npluag npluaj npluam npluas
npluav nplub nplud nplug npluj nplum nplus npluv
nplw nplwb nplwd nplwg nplwj nplwm nplws nplwv
npo npob npod npog npoj npom npoo npoob
npood npoog npooj npoom npoos npoov npos npov
npu npua npuab npuad npuag npuaj npuam npuas
npuav npub npud npug npuj npum npus npuv
npw npwb npwd npwg npwj npwm npws npwv
nqa nqab nqad nqag nqai nqaib nqaid nqaig
nqaij nqaim nqais nqaiv nqaj nqam nqas nqau
nqaub nqaud nqaug nqauj nqaum nqaus nqauv nqav
nqe nqeb nqed nqee nqeeb nqeed nqeeg nqeej
nqeem nqees nqeev nqeg nqej nqem nqes nqev
nqha nqhab nqhad nqhag nqhai nqhaib nqhaid nqhaig
nqhaij nqhaim nqhais nqhaiv nqhaj nqham nqhas nqhau
nqhaub nqhaud nqhaug nqhauj nqhaum nqhaus nqhauv nqhav
nqhe nqheb nqhed nqhee nqheeb nqheed nqheeg nqheej
nqheem nqhees nqheev nqheg nqhej nqhem nqhes nqhev
nqhi nqhia nqhiab nqhiad nqhiag nqhiaj nqhiam nqhias
nqhiav nqhib nqhid nqhig nqhij nqhim nqhis nqhiv
nqho nqhob nqhod nqhog nqhoj nqhom nqhoo nqhoob
nqhood nqhoog nqhooj nqhoom nqhoos nqhoov nqhos nqhov
nqhu nqhua nqhuab nqhuad nqhuag nqhuaj nqhuam nqhuas
nqhuav nqhub nqhud nqhug nqhuj nqhum nqhus nqhuv
nqhw nqhwb nqhwd nqhwg nqhwj nqhwm nqhws nqhwv
nqi nqia nqiab nqiad nqiag nqiaj nqiam nqias
nqiav nqib nqid nqig nqij nqim nqis nqiv
nqo nqob nqod nqog nqoj nqom nqoo nqoob
nqood nqoog nqooj nqoom nqoos nqoov nqos nqov
nqu nqua nquab nquad nquag nquaj nquam nquas
nquav nqub nqud nqug nquj nqum nqus nquv
nqw nqwb nqwd nqwg nqwj nqwm nqws nqwv
nra nrab nrad nrag nrai nraib nraid nraig
nraij nraim nrais nraiv nraj nram nras nrau
nraub nraud nraug nrauj nraum nraus nrauv nrav
nre nreb nred nree nreeb nreed nreeg nreej
nreem nrees nreev nreg nrej nrem nres nrev
nrha nrhab nrhad nrhag nrhai nrhaib nrhaid nrhaig
nrhaij nrhaim nrhais nrhaiv nrhaj nrham nrhas nrhau
nrhaub nrhaud nrhaug nrhauj nrhaum nrhaus nrhauv nrhav
nrhe nrheb nrhed nrhee nrheeb nrheed nrheeg nrheej
nrheem nrhees nrheev nrheg nrhej nrhem nrhes nrhev
nrhi nrhia nrhiab nrhiad nrhiag nrhiaj nrhiam nrhias
nrhiav nrhib nrhid nrhig nrhij nrhim nrhis nrhiv
nrho nrhob nrhod nrhog nrhoj nrhom nrhoo nrhoob
nrhood nrhoog nrhooj nrhoom nrhoos nrhoov nrhos nrhov
nrhu nrhua nrhuab nrhuad nrhuag nrhuaj nrhuam nrhuas
nrhuav nrhub nrhud nrhug nrhuj nrhum nrhus nrhuv
nrhw nrhwb nrhwd nrhwg nrhwj nrhwm nrhws nrhwv
nri nria nriab nriad nriag nriaj nriam nrias
nriav nrib nrid nrig nrij nrim nris nriv
nro nrob nrod nrog nroj nrom nroo nroob
nrood nroog nrooj nroom nroos nroov nros nrov
nru nrua nruab nruad nruag nruaj nruam nruas
nruav nrub nrud nrug nruj nrum nrus nruv
nrw nrwb nrwd nrwg nrwj nrwm nrws nrwv
nta ntab ntad ntag ntai ntaib ntaid ntaig
ntaij ntaim ntais ntaiv ntaj ntam ntas ntau
ntaub ntaud ntaug ntauj ntaum ntaus ntauv ntav
nte nteb nted ntee nteeb nteed nteeg nteej
nteem ntees nteev nteg ntej ntem ntes ntev
ntha nthab nthad nthag nthai nthaib nthaid nthaig
nthaij nthaim nthais nthaiv nthaj ntham nthas nthau
nthaub nthaud nthaug nthauj nthaum nthaus nthauv nthav
nthe ntheb nthed nthee ntheeb ntheed ntheeg ntheej
ntheem nthees ntheev ntheg nthej nthem nthes nthev
nthi nthia nthiab nthiad nthiag nthiaj nthiam nthias
nthiav nthib nthid nthig nthij nthim nthis nthiv
ntho nthob nthod nthog nthoj nthom nthoo nthoob
nthood nthoog nthooj nthoom nthoos nthoov nthos nthov
nthu nthua nthuab nthuad nthuag nthuaj nthuam nthuas
nthuav nthub nthud nthug nthuj nthum nthus nthuv
nthw nthwb nthwd nthwg nthwj nthwm nthws nthwv
nti ntia ntiab ntiad ntiag ntiaj ntiam ntias
ntiav ntib ntid ntig ntij ntim ntis ntiv
nto ntob ntod ntog ntoj ntom ntoo ntoob
ntood ntoog ntooj ntoom ntoos ntoov ntos ntov
ntsa ntsab ntsad ntsag ntsai ntsaib ntsaid ntsaig
ntsaij ntsaim ntsais ntsaiv ntsaj ntsam ntsas ntsau
ntsaub ntsaud ntsaug ntsauj ntsaum ntsaus ntsauv ntsav
ntse ntseb ntsed ntsee ntseeb ntseed ntseeg ntseej
ntseem ntsees ntseev ntseg ntsej ntsem ntses ntsev
ntsha ntshab ntshad ntshag ntshai ntshaib ntshaid ntshaig
ntshaij ntshaim ntshais ntshaiv ntshaj ntsham ntshas ntshau
ntshaub ntshaud ntshaug ntshauj ntshaum ntshaus ntshauv ntshav
ntshe ntsheb ntshed ntshee ntsheeb ntsheed ntsheeg ntsheej
ntsheem ntshees ntsheev ntsheg ntshej ntshem ntshes ntshev
ntshi ntshia ntshiab ntshiad ntshiag ntshiaj ntshiam ntshias
ntshiav ntshib ntshid ntshig ntshij ntshim ntshis ntshiv
ntsho ntshob ntshod ntshog ntshoj ntshom ntshoo ntshoob
ntshood ntshoog ntshooj ntshoom ntshoos ntshoov ntshos ntshov
ntshu ntshua ntshuab ntshuad ntshuag ntshuaj ntshuam ntshuas
ntshuav ntshub ntshud ntshug ntshuj ntshum ntshus ntshuv
ntshw ntshwb ntshwd ntshwg ntshwj ntshwm ntshws ntshwv
ntsi ntsia ntsiab ntsiad ntsiag ntsiaj ntsiam ntsias
ntsiav ntsib ntsid ntsig ntsij ntsim ntsis ntsiv
ntso ntsob ntsod ntsog ntsoj ntsom ntsoo ntsoob
ntsood ntsoog ntsooj ntsoom ntsoos ntsoov ntsos ntsov
ntsu ntsua ntsuab ntsuad ntsuag ntsuaj ntsuam ntsuas
ntsuav ntsub ntsud ntsug ntsuj ntsum ntsus ntsuv
ntsw ntswb ntswd ntswg ntswj ntswm ntsws ntswv
ntu ntua ntuab ntuad ntuag ntuaj ntuam ntuas
ntuav ntub ntud ntug ntuj ntum ntus ntuv
ntw ntwb ntwd ntwg ntwj ntwm ntws ntwv
ntxa ntxab ntxad ntxag ntxai ntxaib ntxaid ntxaig
ntxaij ntxaim ntxais ntxaiv ntxaj ntxam ntxas ntxau
ntxaub ntxaud ntxaug ntxauj ntxaum ntxaus ntxauv ntxav
ntxe ntxeb ntxed ntxee ntxeeb ntxeed ntxeeg ntxeej
ntxeem ntxees ntxeev ntxeg ntxej ntxem ntxes ntxev
ntxha ntxhab ntxhad ntxhag ntxhai ntxhaib ntxhaid ntxhaig
ntxhaij ntxhaim ntxhais ntxhaiv ntxhaj ntxham ntxhas ntxhau
ntxhaub ntxhaud ntxhaug ntxhauj ntxhaum ntxhaus ntxhauv ntxhav
ntxhe ntxheb ntxhed ntxhee ntxheeb ntxheed ntxheeg ntxheej
ntxheem ntxhees ntxheev ntxheg ntxhej ntxhem ntxhes ntxhev
ntxhi ntxhia ntxhiab ntxhiad ntxhiag ntxhiaj ntxhiam ntxhias
ntxhiav ntxhib ntxhid ntxhig ntxhij ntxhim ntxhis ntxhiv
ntxho ntxhob ntxhod ntxhog ntxhoj ntxhom ntxhoo ntxhoob
ntxhood ntxhoog ntxhooj ntxhoom ntxhoos ntxhoov ntxhos ntxhov
ntxhu ntxhua ntxhuab ntxhuad ntxhuag ntxhuaj ntxhuam ntxhuas
ntxhuav ntxhub ntxhud ntxhug ntxhuj ntxhum ntxhus ntxhuv
ntxhw ntxhwb ntxhwd ntxhwg ntxhwj ntxhwm ntxhws ntxhwv
ntxi ntxia ntxiab ntxiad ntxiag ntxiaj ntxiam ntxias
ntxiav ntxib ntxid ntxig ntxij ntxim ntxis ntxiv
ntxo ntxob ntxod ntxog ntxoj ntxom ntxoo ntxoob
ntxood ntxoog ntxooj ntxoom ntxoos ntxoov ntxos ntxov
ntxu ntxua ntxuab ntxuad ntxuag ntxuaj ntxuam ntxuas
ntxuav ntxub ntxud ntxug ntxuj ntxum ntxus ntxuv
ntxw ntxwb ntxwd ntxwg ntxwj ntxwm ntxws ntxwv
nu nua nuab nuad nuag nuaj nuam nuas
nuav nub nud nug nuj num nus nuv
nw nwb nwd nwg nwj nwm nws nwv
nya nyab nyad nyag nyai nyaib nyaid nyaig
nyaij nyaim nyais nyaiv nyaj nyam nyas nyau
nyaub nyaud nyaug nyauj nyaum nyaus nyauv nyav
nye nyeb nyed nyee nyeeb nyeed nyeeg nyeej
nyeem nyees nyeev nyeg nyej nyem nyes nyev
nyi nyia nyiab nyiad nyiag nyiaj nyiam nyias
nyiav nyib nyid nyig nyij nyim nyis nyiv
nyo nyob nyod nyog nyoj nyom nyoo nyoob
nyood nyoog nyooj nyoom nyoos nyoov nyos nyov
nyu nyua nyuab nyuad nyuag nyuaj nyuam nyuas
nyuav nyub nyud nyug nyuj nyum nyus nyuv
nyw nywb nywd nywg nywj nywm nyws nywv

[ O: 18 words ]
o ob od og oj om oo oob
ood oog ooj oom oos oov oows os
ov ows

[ P: 384 words ]
pa pab pad pag pai paib paid paig
paij paim pais paiv paj pam pas pau
paub paud paug pauj paum paus pauv pav
pe peb ped pee peeb peed peeg peej
peem pees peev peg pej pem pes pev
pha phab phad phag phai phaib phaid phaig
phaij phaim phais phaiv phaj pham phas phau
phaub phaud phaug phauj phaum phaus phauv phav
phe pheb phed phee pheeb pheed pheeg pheej
pheem phees pheev pheg phej phem phes phev
phi phia phiab phiad phiag phiaj phiam phias
phiav phib phid phig phij phim phis phiv
pho phob phod phog phoj phom phoo phoob
phood phoog phooj phoom phoos phoov phos phov
phu phua phuab phuad phuag phuaj phuam phuas
phuav phub phud phug phuj phum phus phuv
phw phwb phwd phwg phwj phwm phws phwv
pi pia piab piad piag piaj piam pias
piav pib pid pig pij pim pis piv
pla plab plad plag plai plaib plaid plaig
plaij plaim plais plaiv plaj plam plas plau
plaub plaud plaug plauj plaum plaus plauv plav
ple pleb pled plee pleeb pleed pleeg pleej
pleem plees pleev pleg plej plem ples plev
plha plhab plhad plhag plhai plhaib plhaid plhaig
plhaij plhaim plhais plhaiv plhaj plham plhas plhau
plhaub plhaud plhaug plhauj plhaum plhaus plhauv plhav
plhe plheb plhed plhee plheeb plheed plheeg plheej
plheem plhees plheev plheg plhej plhem plhes plhev
plhi plhia plhiab plhiad plhiag plhiaj plhiam plhias
plhiav plhib plhid plhig plhij plhim plhis plhiv
plho plhob plhod plhog plhoj plhom plhoo plhoob
plhood plhoog plhooj plhoom plhoos plhoov plhos plhov
plhu plhua plhuab plhuad plhuag plhuaj plhuam plhuas
plhuav plhub plhud plhug plhuj plhum plhus plhuv
plhw plhwb plhwd plhwg plhwj plhwm plhws plhwv
pli plia pliab pliad pliag pliaj pliam plias
pliav plib plid plig plij plim plis pliv
plo plob plod plog ploj plom ploo ploob
plood ploog plooj ploom ploos ploov plos plov
plu plua pluab pluad pluag pluaj pluam pluas
pluav plub plud plug pluj plum plus pluv
plw plwb plwd plwg plwj plwm plws plwv
po pob pod pog poj pom poo poob
pood poog pooj poom poos poov pos pov
pu pua puab puad puag puaj puam puas
puav pub pud pug puj pum pus puv
pw pwb pwd pwg pwj pwm pws pwv

[ Q: 192 words ]
qa qab qad qag qai qaib qaid qaig
qaij qaim qais qaiv qaj qam qas qau
qaub qaud qaug qauj qaum qaus qauv qav
qe qeb qed qee qeeb qeed qeeg qeej
qeem qees qeev qeg qej qem qes qev
qha qhab qhad qhag qhai qhaib qhaid qhaig
qhaij qhaim qhais qhaiv qhaj qham qhas qhau
qhaub qhaud qhaug qhauj qhaum qhaus qhauv qhav
qhe qheb qhed qhee qheeb qheed qheeg qheej
qheem qhees qheev qheg qhej qhem qhes qhev
qhi qhia qhiab qhiad qhiag qhiaj qhiam qhias
qhiav qhib qhid qhig qhij qhim qhis qhiv
qho qhob qhod qhog qhoj qhom qhoo qhoob
qhood qhoog qhooj qhoom qhoos qhoov qhos qhov
qhu qhua qhuab qhuad qhuag qhuaj qhuam qhuas
qhuav qhub qhud qhug qhuj qhum qhus qhuv
qhw qhwb qhwd qhwg qhwj qhwm qhws qhwv
qi qia qiab qiad qiag qiaj qiam qias
qiav qib qid qig qij qim qis qiv
qo qob qod qog qoj qom qoo qoob
qood qoog qooj qoom qoos qoov qos qov
qu qua quab quad quag quaj quam quas
quav qub qud qug quj qum qus quv
qw qwb qwd qwg qwj qwm qws qwv

[ R: 192 words ]
ra rab rad rag rai raib raid raig
raij raim rais raiv raj ram ras rau
raub raud raug rauj raum raus rauv rav
re reb red ree reeb reed reeg reej
reem rees reev reg rej rem res rev
rha rhab rhad rhag rhai rhaib rhaid rhaig
rhaij rhaim rhais rhaiv rhaj rham rhas rhau
rhaub rhaud rhaug rhauj rhaum rhaus rhauv rhav
rhe rheb rhed rhee rheeb rheed rheeg rheej
rheem rhees rheev rheg rhej rhem rhes rhev
rhi rhia rhiab rhiad rhiag rhiaj rhiam rhias
rhiav rhib rhid rhig rhij rhim rhis rhiv
rho rhob rhod rhog rhoj rhom rhoo rhoob
rhood rhoog rhooj rhoom rhoos rhoov rhos rhov
rhu rhua rhuab rhuad rhuag rhuaj rhuam rhuas
rhuav rhub rhud rhug rhuj rhum rhus rhuv
rhw rhwb rhwd rhwg rhwj rhwm rhws rhwv
ri ria riab riad riag riaj riam rias
riav rib rid rig rij rim ris riv
ro rob rod rog roj rom roo roob
rood roog rooj room roos roov ros rov
ru rua ruab ruad ruag ruaj ruam ruas
ruav rub rud rug ruj rum rus ruv
rw rwb rwd rwg rwj rwm rws rwv

[ S: 96 words ]
sa sab sad sag sai saib said saig
saij saim sais saiv saj sam sas sau
saub saud saug sauj saum saus sauv sav
se seb sed see seeb seed seeg seej
seem sees seev seg sej sem ses sev
si sia siab siad siag siaj siam sias
siav sib sid sig sij sim sis siv
so sob sod sog soj som soo soob
sood soog sooj soom soos soov sos sov
su sua suab suad suag suaj suam suas
suav sub sud sug suj sum sus suv
sw swb swd swg swj swm sws swv

[ T: 576 words ]
ta tab tad tag tai taib taid taig
taij taim tais taiv taj tam tas tau
taub taud taug tauj taum taus tauv tav
te teb ted tee teeb teed teeg teej
teem tees teev teg tej tem tes tev
tha thab thad thag thai thaib thaid thaig
thaij thaim thais thaiv thaj tham thas thau
thaub thaud thaug thauj thaum thaus thauv thav
the theb thed thee theeb theed theeg theej
theem thees theev theg thej them thes thev
thi thia thiab thiad thiag thiaj thiam thias
thiav thib thid thig thij thim this thiv
tho thob thod thog thoj thom thoo thoob
thood thoog thooj thoom thoos thoov thos thov
thu thua thuab thuad thuag thuaj thuam thuas
thuav thub thud thug thuj thum thus thuv
thw thwb thwd thwg thwj thwm thws thwv
ti tia tiab tiad tiag tiaj tiam tias
tiav tib tid tig tij tim tis tiv
to tob tod tog toj tom too toob
tood toog tooj toom toos toov tos tov
tsa tsab tsad tsag tsai tsaib tsaid tsaig
tsaij tsaim tsais tsaiv tsaj tsam tsas tsau
tsaub tsaud tsaug tsauj tsaum tsaus tsauv tsav
tse tseb tsed tsee tseeb tseed tseeg tseej
tseem tsees tseev tseg tsej tsem tses tsev
tsha tshab tshad tshag tshai tshaib tshaid tshaig
tshaij tshaim tshais tshaiv tshaj tsham tshas tshau
tshaub tshaud tshaug tshauj tshaum tshaus tshauv tshav
tshe tsheb tshed tshee tsheeb tsheed tsheeg tsheej
tsheem tshees tsheev tsheg tshej tshem tshes tshev
tshi tshia tshiab tshiad tshiag tshiaj tshiam tshias
tshiav tshib tshid tshig tshij tshim tshis tshiv
tsho tshob tshod tshog tshoj tshom tshoo tshoob
tshood tshoog tshooj tshoom tshoos tshoov tshos tshov
tshu tshua tshuab tshuad tshuag tshuaj tshuam tshuas
tshuav tshub tshud tshug tshuj tshum tshus tshuv
tshw tshwb tshwd tshwg tshwj tshwm tshws tshwv
tsi tsia tsiab tsiad tsiag tsiaj tsiam tsias
tsiav tsib tsid tsig tsij tsim tsis tsiv
tso tsob tsod tsog tsoj tsom tsoo tsoob
tsood tsoog tsooj tsoom tsoos tsoov tsos tsov
tsu tsua tsuab tsuad tsuag tsuaj tsuam tsuas
tsuav tsub tsud tsug tsuj tsum tsus tsuv
tsw tswb tswd tswg tswj tswm tsws tswv
tu tua tuab tuad tuag tuaj tuam tuas
tuav tub tud tug tuj tum tus tuv
tw twb twd twg twj twm tws twv
txa txab txad txag txai txaib txaid txaig
txaij txaim txais txaiv txaj txam txas txau
txaub txaud txaug txauj txaum txaus txauv txav
txe txeb txed txee txeeb txeed txeeg txeej
txeem txees txeev txeg txej txem txes txev
txha txhab txhad txhag txhai txhaib txhaid txhaig
txhaij txhaim txhais txhaiv txhaj txham txhas txhau
txhaub txhaud txhaug txhauj txhaum txhaus txhauv txhav
txhe txheb txhed txhee txheeb txheed txheeg txheej
txheem txhees txheev txheg txhej txhem txhes txhev
txhi txhia txhiab txhiad txhiag txhiaj txhiam txhias
txhiav txhib txhid txhig txhij txhim txhis txhiv
txho txhob txhod txhog txhoj txhom txhoo txhoob
txhood txhoog txhooj txhoom txhoos txhoov txhos txhov
txhu txhua txhuab txhuad txhuag txhuaj txhuam txhuas
txhuav txhub txhud txhug txhuj txhum txhus txhuv
txhw txhwb txhwd txhwg txhwj txhwm txhws txhwv
txi txia txiab txiad txiag txiaj txiam txias
txiav txib txid txig txij txim txis txiv
txo txob txod txog txoj txom txoo txoob
txood txoog txooj txoom txoos txoov txos txov
txu txua txuab txuad txuag txuaj txuam txuas
txuav txub txud txug txuj txum txus txuv
txw txwb txwd txwg txwj txwm txws txwv

[ U: 18 words ]
u ua uab uad uag uaj uam uas
uav uaws ub ud ug uj um us
uv uws

[ V: 96 words ]
va vab vad vag vai vaib vaid vaig
vaij vaim vais vaiv vaj vam vas vau
vaub vaud vaug vauj vaum vaus vauv vav
ve veb ved vee veeb veed veeg veej
veem vees veev veg vej vem ves vev
vi via viab viad viag viaj viam vias
viav vib vid vig vij vim vis viv
vo vob vod vog voj vom voo voob
vood voog vooj voom voos voov vos vov
vu vua vuab vuad vuag vuaj vuam vuas
vuav vub vud vug vuj vum vus vuv
vw vwb vwd vwg vwj vwm vws vwv

[ W: 96 words ]
w wa wab wad wag wai waib waid
waig waij waim wais waiv waj wam was
wau waub waud waug wauj waum waus wauv
wav wb wd we web wed wee weeb
weed weeg weej weem wees weev weg wej
wem wes wev wg wi wia wiab wiad
wiag wiaj wiam wias wiav wib wid wig
wij wim wis wiv wj wm wo wob
wod wog woj wom woo woob wood woog
wooj woom woos woov wos wov ws wu
wua wuab wuad wuag wuaj wuam wuas wuav
wub wud wug wuj wum wus wuv wv

[ X: 192 words ]
xa xab xad xag xai xaib xaid xaig
xaij xaim xais xaiv xaj xam xas xau
xaub xaud xaug xauj xaum xaus xauv xav
xe xeb xed xee xeeb xeed xeeg xeej
xeem xees xeev xeg xej xem xes xev
xi xia xiab xiad xiag xiaj xiam xias
xiav xib xid xig xij xim xis xiv
xo xob xod xog xoj xom xoo xoob
xood xoog xooj xoom xoos xoov xos xov
xu xua xuab xuad xuag xuaj xuam xuas
xuav xub xud xug xuj xum xus xuv
xw xwb xwd xwg xwj xwm xws xwv
xya xyab xyad xyag xyai xyaib xyaid xyaig
xyaij xyaim xyais xyaiv xyaj xyam xyas xyau
xyaub xyaud xyaug xyauj xyaum xyaus xyauv xyav
xye xyeb xyed xyee xyeeb xyeed xyeeg xyeej
xyeem xyees xyeev xyeg xyej xyem xyes xyev
xyi xyia xyiab xyiad xyiag xyiaj xyiam xyias
xyiav xyib xyid xyig xyij xyim xyis xyiv
xyo xyob xyod xyog xyoj xyom xyoo xyoob
xyood xyoog xyooj xyoom xyoos xyoov xyos xyov
xyu xyua xyuab xyuad xyuag xyuaj xyuam xyuas
xyuav xyub xyud xyug xyuj xyum xyus xyuv
xyw xywb xywd xywg xywj xywm xyws xywv

[ Y: 96 words ]
ya yab yad yag yai yaib yaid yaig
yaij yaim yais yaiv yaj yam yas yau
yaub yaud yaug yauj yaum yaus yauv yav
ye yeb yed yee yeeb yeed yeeg yeej
yeem yees yeev yeg yej yem yes yev
yi yia yiab yiad yiag yiaj yiam yias
yiav yib yid yig yij yim yis yiv
yo yob yod yog yoj yom yoo yoob
yood yoog yooj yoom yoos yoov yos yov
yu yua yuab yuad yuag yuaj yuam yuas
yuav yub yud yug yuj yum yus yuv
yw ywb ywd ywg ywj ywm yws ywv

[ Z: 96 words ]
za zab zad zag zai zaib zaid zaig
zaij zaim zais zaiv zaj zam zas zau
zaub zaud zaug zauj zaum zaus zauv zav
ze zeb zed zee zeeb zeed zeeg zeej
zeem zees zeev zeg zej zem zes zev
zi zia ziab ziad ziag ziaj ziam zias
ziav zib zid zig zij zim zis ziv
zo zob zod zog zoj zom zoo zoob
zood zoog zooj zoom zoos zoov zos zov
zu zua zuab zuad zuag zuaj zuam zuas
zuav zub zud zug zuj zum zus zuv
zw zwb zwd zwg zwj zwm zws zwv